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Recovery Consultants was founded in 2014, after witnessing traditional recovery and rehab services fail millions of people and their families with its stigmatizing, one size fits all approach. 

We knew it was time for an alternative approach, one that broke the status quo.
Dedicated to a more individualized, holistic and compassionate path for the whole family, not just those seeking recovery.



Restore your whole self and redefine your future.

Individualized recovery services, tailor-made for you,with you, for sustainable recovery.




We believe that recovery is dynamic and the standard one-size-fits-all approach isn’t working.

In order to be true to our purpose, 
we need to skillfully disrupt the status quo and reimagine a fully individualized recovery journey for all those out there still looking to create a life worth living—a life filled with laughter, joy, balance, and peace.

Recovery Consultants Teal Blue Purple ombre circle
Recovery Consultants Teal Blue ombre circle


We believe in acknowledging and honoring the journey you have been on to get to this point.

We know that recovery is personal and a journey, we are here to show up everyday without judgement or agenda so you can explore what journey feels best for you.


We believe that authenticity and empowerment is the path to freedom, joy, and inner peace.

We know that creating a space for us to really see you, hear you and understand you means we must show up everyday authentically and vulnerably. accepted, comfortable and understood.

Recovery Consultants Teal Blue Purple ombre circle
Recovery Consultants Teal Blue ombre circle


We believe that partnership & collaboration are key to designing a bespoke plan that fits you, your lifestyle and your family.

We value your voice on this journey and are here to work side by side with you to define what recovery looks and feels like for you.


We believe MORE LOVE, LESS FEAR leads to a future reimagined—one from surviving to thriving that restores your whole self.

We are here to create meaningful connections with you, so you feel accepted, comfortable and understood.



Addiction and mental health disorders can wreak havoc on the entire family system, and it’s vital that family members get the help they need to heal as well. 

At Recovery Consultants, we support the whole family, not just the individual seeking recovery.

If you or a loved one are ready to find your road to recovery, we’d love to support you. 

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