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We believe that every one is unique and needs to find their own path to recovery. 

For us that means putting you at the center, collaborating with you to hand select the services you need to create a holistic wrap around recovery plan,

Our unconventional techniques are highly personalized and tailored to the distinct dynamics of each individual and family. In our work together, we’ll explore both traditional and cutting-edge resources and build a recovery ecosystem to establish and sustain your path to long-term recovery.


Holistic Assessments

Bespoke Recovery Plans


High Touch Case Management

Personalized Treatment Placement

Matched Recovery Companions

Pattern Breaking Coaching


From the start, we dive deep into your past and present to fully understand your unique situation and needs. So that in turn we can provide bespoke recommendations and support services to begin or continue your recovery journey.

We want to know what has and has not worked for you in the past and what you are looking for in the future.
We know your story is unique and so is your road to recovery. Our assessment allows us to understand all of you, so together we can help you find your best path to recovery.

Common questions we ask during our Holistic Assessment:

  • How would you describe your personality?
  • What are your life goals?
  • What are your recovery goals?

  • What did life look like before things felt out of control?
  • What is your drug of choice?
  • Have you been in treatment?
  • What was it like for you?
  • What did you like about it? What didn’t you like about it?
  • How did you do after treatment?

  • If you were your whole self right now, what would an ideal day look like?
  • Do you have a social support network?

typical approach

Individual removed from assessment

Cursory assessment

Through the lens of 
behavior change

our difference

Individuals a part of assessment

In-depth assessment

Through the lens of goals, desires, criteria, struggles & limitations


We know each person’s journey to return to their whole self is unique, and our plans are no different.
We collaborate with you, designing a plan that fits perfectly to you, your life style and your needs.

Together we’ll explore your goals, your past and an exhaustive gamut of available resources to create a tailor-made recovery plan for you. During this collaborative process, we’ll consider both traditional and nontraditional approaches to find the path to recovery that feels right and sustainable to you.

Traditional approaches:

  • High touch case managers
  • Variety of treatment options
in & out of home
  • Range of psychologists with different specialties
  • A selection of psychiatrists with diverse backgrounds
  • Personally matched recovery companions
  • Specialized Recovery Groups
  • NA & AA Meetings
  • & more

Non-traditional approaches:

  • Neurotherapy
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • DBT: Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Creative arts therapy
  • Somatic therapy
  • Animal therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • & more

typical approach

Recovery plan designed in a vacuum

Disregards the individual, assuming they don’t know what they want & need

A few programs that get recommended to everyone who calls

our difference

Recovery plan designed in collaboration

Implicitly values the individual’s wants & needs

Dynamic, tailor-made plans for each individual


Our high touch approach to case management means you get coordinated, whole care from day one, to support you in your recovery and in everyday life.

From building a bespoke recovery plan with you, to working intimately with your care team to create accountability, structure and emotional support through practical methods and accessible care on going support.

Working with you directly anywhere from 1.5 hours to 4 hours each week, our case managers are here to help you integrate the tools and strategies you’ve gained from residential treatment, therapy and psychiatry into your daily life.

Areas High Touch Case Managers Support:

  • Coordinating care & communication across therapeutic teams
  • Updating family members or loved ones
  • Identifying daily & weekly needs
  • Finding a employment
  • Creating a budget
  • Weekly meal planning
  • & more

typical approach

Oversight manager,
connecting care

Supports in time of crisis

Rote weekly check-ins

our difference

Collaborative partner, 
coordinating care

Around the clock accountability

Proactive, hands on approach designed to move things forward


Choosing the right treatment option can be overwhelming with so many out there to choose from.

We are here to make it simple. 

All we ask is do you want to begin treatment at home or away from home?

Bespoke At Home Recovery:

Bringing recovery to your doorstep with a customized team and detox plan built around your unique needs.
Ideal for those who want to restore themselves but are unable to leave home to go to a treatment center because of anxiety, career or life demands, or have been to residential treatment previously and find themselves in the same place.
Or have found it a challenge to transition back from residential treatment programs once they are back home, and find themselves relapsing.

With At Home Treatment, we bring a medical detox and a carefully tailored recovery plan to your doorstep.
Complete with a 24-7 RN staying with you, a medical doctor over seeing your detox and providing at home visits, a case manager, and a care companion by your side from 4 to 24 hours a day to support along the way.
At Home Treatment takes the transition away, so you tackle life and treatment together.

Away From Home Treatment:

Carefully selected programs outside of your home that feel right to you, ideal for those who want to stabilize and reset away from home.

With so many treatment options out there, we ensure we work with programs that look at tackling the underlying issues in your life.
That means, any program we recommend for outside of home treatment will be a primary mental health or effective co-occuring mental health and substance use treatment program.

With this as our lens, we consider a wide range of treatment programs for adults and adolescents as we look to find the one best fit for you.
Our vetted list of Away From Out treatment programs range from residential treatment & hospital programs to trauma centered & life skills focused programs and wilderness therapy programs & many more.

typical approach

Limited network of 
treatment options

Restricted to residential ‘rehab’ programs

Doesn’t consider individual’s needs, but presumes to know for them

our difference

Expansive & growing 
resource options

Residential & 
in home options

Designed with the 
individual in mind


No one is meant to walk the path to recovery alone. Our hand selected Recovery Companions, matched based on personal and life experiences are here provide individualized 1-on-1 support, from 4 hours a day to 24/7 throughout your recovery journey. 

A key partner by your side during In Home Treatment, or someone to support you as you transition from Out of Home Treatment.

We know recovery is so much more than sobriety. It is all of the life things that happen in between meetings, appointments, and therapy sessions.

Areas Matched Recovery Companions Support:

  • Day in support on small & big steps to restoring future
  • Daily structure & schedules
  • Executive functioning
  • Modeling daily & weekly healthy behavior
  • Accompanying daily tasks, errands & appointments
  • Drug testing
  • & more

typical approach

Paired based on availability—same companions
for every client

Supervision & sobriety support

our difference

Companions selected match the client’s energy, interests, 
and personality

Real world support, 
in all of life’s moments


Pattern Breaking coaching is here to work with individuals on breaking long held patterns and coping mechanism’s—disrupting the idea that addiction is a lifelong disease.

Most people believe that addiction is a lifelong disease.
We think differently. We believe substance use is a coping mechanism, a pattern developed to deal with things in life. When you understand that pattern and what caused it, you are able to work towards breaking that pattern and in turn work towards sustained recovery.

Pattern Breaking Coaching, How It Works:

It is direct, action oriented and collaborative coaching that empowers individuals to understand their fears & limitations, to think differently and break long held patterns that might be limiting them from restoring their whole self and achieving their ideal life.

Through weekly, 1 hour zoom sessions, weekly assignments and daily in the moment support when needed—Pattern Breaking Coaching is here to empower individuals to be more intentional with their life moving forward.
A perfect weekly compliment to therapists and psychiatrists.

Pattern Breaking Coaching


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