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Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not take insurance at this time. We are happy to provide a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement (candidly, it depends on the particular insurance plan you have, but generally speaking, we haven’t seen many clients get a  substantial portion reimbursed). We have, however, seen clients submit the invoices as medical tax deductions with better luck.

Do you provide therapy?

No, we do not provide therapy, as we are not licensed therapists, but routinely make referrals to trusted licensed clinicians, psychiatrists, and other providers as part of the treatment plan. We offer consulting-based services like Treatment Placement, Case Management, and coaching.

How soon could we start services?

We realize that time is of the essence when we’re working with addiction and mental health. We want to continue the momentum when there are windows of opportunity, so we work as quickly as you need us to. Oftentimes, once we get completed paperwork returned to us, we are able to start a  new case within 24-48 hrs, particularly if it’s an urgent matter. The average start time is 2-5 days after initial contact.

What happens if my loved one doesn’t want to work with you?

We get this question ALL. THE. TIME. We coach families and friends on how to approach the subject of working with Recovery Consultants. We can discuss which approach is the best for your loved one specifically, but generally speaking, the best approach is a casual, non-committal suggestion. We want to make sure your loved one feels this is the right match (and vice versa!);  forcing things to happen is never our approach, but we can provide space and opportunities to connect and see if this is the right match.

Do I have to attend AA/12-Step meetings?

We are advocates of all recovery-based programs that resonate with the individuals we work with.  We do not ascribe to any particular program, as we believe that everyone has different needs. The most important piece is finding a support structure that feels right for you.

Why do I have to go through an assessment?

Getting to know the client and family is the most crucial piece of our work together. In order to be effective in our role, having a clear understanding of the history and set of factors that have played a  role in each client’s life is the key to why we excel in our work. Knowing what each individual and family is open and willing to do makes all the difference. We can make the greatest recommendations and plans in the world, but if they aren’t aligned with what our clients and families need, then the recommendations are not effective.

Do I have to abstain from drugs and alcohol for the rest of my life?

We believe in data. Everyone we work with has their own set of lived experiences & data. When we work with clients, we look at the outcomes drugs and alcohol have produced in each person’s life.  We work in both abstinence and harm reduction models of addiction. We believe that progress is made when you improve your quality of life. It will depend on each individual and the data they have accumulated to see what path is sustainable, whether that looks like abstinence-based, harm-reduction, or perhaps a sequential approach.

Do you get paid by treatment centers for referrals? 

No. One of the reasons why Recovery Consultants was born was to be completely independent so that we can work 100% on behalf of our clients and families, and their best interests. We believe it is unethical to take referral bonuses, payments, or any kickbacks by any treatment facility, program, or treatment resource. We are paid entirely by the clients and families we work with.

Who do you work with?

We have historically worked with clients aged 8-88. At any given time 60-70% of our clients have co-occurring mental health and substance use issues, while 30-40% have a primary mental or behavioral health issue with no substance use component. We see a lot of clients with behavioral, mental, and psychological issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, OCD, Autism spectrum disorder,  schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipolar, borderline personality disorders, narcissistic personality disorders, and parental alienation cases, to name a few.

What is the process to work with you?

We invite you to fill out the INTAKE QUESTIONNAIRE, which will help indicate if we are the right fit. If your case is a good fit, we will schedule a 15-minute phone call to hear the situation and answer questions about the process of working together before sending out paperwork (contract & payment information). Once the paperwork is completed, we would schedule the assessment(s) to start working together. 

What geographical locations do you work in?

Although we are physically present in CA, NY, and CT, we work with people all over the world.  Thanks to advances in technology and the adoption of them during COVID-19, many of our services can be effectively conducted via email, phone, and Zoom. **Recovery Companions are the only services that are exclusively in-person.

What makes Recovery Consultants different?

We take the time on the front-end to really understand what the client and families dynamics,  circumstances, needs, goals, and willingness are when we consider approaches and resources to recommend. We strongly believe in non-shaming, non-judgmental, compassionate support. There is no one path to recovery. The only requirement we have is willingness—everything else is just a detail! 

Can I speak to someone you’ve worked with in the past for a testimonial?

We strongly support client confidentiality. In an effort to provide you with more information, we have put together written testimonials from previous clients and family members we’ve worked with. We are grateful to these individuals who have taken the time to share their experience working with  Recovery Consultants, with the goal of illuminating the path of hope for others. 

What qualifies you to help me?

Our team at Recovery Consultants has a multitude of professional experience in medical, behavioral, and transformational healing sectors, collectively offering decades of experience. Our approach is truly client-driven. We have a tremendous amount of experience working with people.  Our clients and families find us easy to talk to. We pride ourselves on unwavering follow-through and our ability to look through a multitude of lenses. At the core of it, we are able to package everything up in a very practical and logical way.

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