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“Shirley quickly and astutely assessed my mental health and addiction challenges and then assembled an effective team of professionals around me. She has subsequently acted as the all-star quarterback of my recovery process, adjusting as needed all along the way. I couldn’t recommend her more!”

Case Management, 42 Year Old Male

“Shirley continues to impress me with her experience, astuteness, communication skills and personal commitment to her patient (our son). Their ongoing sessions continue to bring comfort to our family, but more importantly to him.”

Case Management, 42 Year Old Male
“As a family member involved in seeking treatment for my grandchild with comorbidity issues, our family research indicated a better result in treatment success if a professional could be found with knowledge of the residential treatment landscape that exists across the country. We were fortunate to find Shirley Wantland of Recovery Consultants. Ms. Wantland had the experience and mental health counseling relationships with various treatment centers to recommend those professionals most suited to address both addiction and mental health issues stemming from a variety of bi-polar and personality disorders exacerbated by alcohol and drug addiction. This treatment was critical and required levels of therapy for learning to cope with trauma suffered at an earlier age and only recently discovered. Recovery Consultants provided recommendations based on past successes and familiarity with the issues at hand. As a result, our granddaughter’s treatment involved the need for both wilderness and residential therapy. Wilderness and Residential Treatments became part of the healing and coping process as we trusted the experience and relationship developed with Ms. Wantland’s endorsement of best practices and results prior to placing our teenager in post-trauma therapy. The facilities identified and recommended by Recovery Consultants have been vetted by Ms. Wantland, and this knowledge provided us much needed confidence in finding the right treatment center(s). Our granddaughter now has been through wilderness and academy treatments offering multiple types of appropriate therapy. She began these treatments at 17 and is now nearing completion at 19 as she finishes her residential treatment in SoCal at OPI. Recovery Consultants have done the due diligence and met with the therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and staff at the various facilities available across the U.S. We are grateful for her ongoing guidance and for the support made readily available to us through Shirley’s company. While the costs of dealing with mental illness are difficult, the best advice I could give is to work with a mental health professional with ground level knowledge of the facilities that offer these types of treatments. Without it, the “hit and miss” approach is both expensive and inefficient in reaching the desired goals. Recovery Consultants offers all of these invaluable services. We are grateful for the friendship, professionalism, and thorough knowledge that Shirley Wantland has provided as a professional recovery consultant.”
Treatment Placement, 17 Year Old Female
“Shirley has been absolutely amazing! With her guidance and support I have come from one of the lowest points in my life to a contributing member of society and continue to grow every day. After stopping drinking after decades of using and abusing alcohol, my goal when we started was to grow my self esteem which was absolutely at rock bottom and to find a new career. After much needed hard work, a few tears and some necessary introspection guided by Shirley’s ever constant positive support, I have regained my self-esteem and am on the verge of starting a new career. I would tell anyone who is considering working with Shirley to start immediately. You cannot afford to wait!”
Case Management, 58 Year Old Male
“Shirley went above and beyond when helping us with our daughter. We were lost, we didn’t know what to do or where to start but she helped us along our entire journey to getting our daughter back. She listened to us, she was very understanding, patient and caring. She was a knowledgeable business woman but she also became a friend. We couldn’t have done it without her. We truly believe that our daughter would not have survived without the treatments she received for her mental health and addiction. Shirley guided us into the light. We are eternally grateful.”
Treatment Placement, 17 Year Old Female

“I wanted to share my journey with Shirley. I was hopeless, didn’t have the confidence and couldn’t do a lot on my own. She has helped me believe in myself, advocate for myself, and has helped me feel better and happier. I still continue and I enjoy her help a lot. Cannot thank her enough!”

Treatment Placement & Case Management, 44 Year Old Female

“I first met Shirley with Recovery Consultants in 2020 at the lowest point in my life. My once-secretive struggles with alcohol dependency had reached staggering proportions during the Covid pandemic, and they were now jeopardizing my health, my relationships, and every aspect of my life. My family—desperate for help and unsure where to turn—reached out to Recovery Consultants. My admitting that I needed help and agreeing to attend residential treatment were terrifying steps, especially as a wife and mother who felt like she was abandoning her family and had fundamentally failed in life. The uncertainties around where to go and which residential program would be the best fit only heightened my fears. From my very first encounter with Shirley, I immediately recognized her as someone who had my back and knew her stuff. Shirley was warm, compassionate, non-judgmental,and deeply informed about all my options. She treated me with respect and concern, and she seemed to believe that a better life through recovery was not only possible but likely for me. Shirley made my family feel heard and important with their concerns, too. She offered guidance and information, but ultimately she empowered me to make the best decision for myself. We continued to keep in touch after I’d entered treatment to make sure all was going well, and she has remained a cheerleader for me ever since. I am now 18 months into my recovery, and my life is one of freedom, joy and health. I truly cannot say enough about Shirley and Recovery Consultants—I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone stuck at a similar crossroads as I’d been who is ready to get help and reclaim their life.”

Treatment Placement, 42 Year Old Female

“My experience working with Shirley has been wonderful, she is very professional, kind and very thoroughly with her weekly report. She is excellent at solving problems and if the problems require other professionals, she is able to contact them and get you what you need. Her connections are amazing and knows how to get you the best professional that you might need. She has great experience solving problems and is a pleasure working with her. She is very honest and when she thinks you no longer need her, she will let you know. She has been a lifesaver for us. I would highly recommend her if you need a Recovery Consultant.”

Treatment Placement & Case Management, 44 Year Old Female

“Our son has been struggling with substance use disorder for more than a decade. He has been to multiple residential treatments and has a few relatively long periods of recovery. Despite it all, he has continued to relapse. Since working with Shirley, our son has found a new approach to addressing his struggles; one that relies on daily work identifying the whys of his drug use and a means to change those long worn-in behaviors. Although he has had some success with AA, he’s finding his work with Shirley empowering and enlightening. Rather than feeling that he has no real control, he is learning that by identifying those long worn-in thought patterns, he does have control and is choosing positive responses.

As his parents, we’ve also lived with our son’s disorder for over a decade. We were ready for something different and we’re very happy with the work our son is doing with Shirley. We appreciate the candid conversations we’ve had with her as well as her weekly updates, and believe her approach in working with our son is innovative and may be the foundation he needs to move forward in life. We are hopeful!”

Case Management & Coaching, 26 Year Old Male

“Shirley is an incredible resource. She helped our family navigate the ins and outs of addiction recovery. She is kind, compassionate, and organized. She has a wide basis of knowledge and experience. We were very fortunate to have her expertise.”

Case Management & Coaching, 26 Year Old Male

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