I’m sooooo excited to share this great news with you all!

Case Management has been one of the key foundational services Recovery Consultants has provided since the inception of the business in 2014.

We believe in it so much that we have tripled down on it with these brand-new Case Managers!

Join me in welcoming these three new POWERHOUSE Case Managers: MEET JOANNA, MICHELLE, AND MOLLIE!

Joanna Arenstein

Joanna has worked in the drug & alcohol recovery industry for over 20 years, working in: crisis intervention & outreach, harm reduction, and community advocacy. She bridges the practical and the humanistic to guide individuals navigating personal challenges by teaching emotional intelligence and utilizing confident communication.

Over the past 15 years, Joanna has explored numerous healing and wellness methods as part of her path. She draws upon her experience and the processes she has created when working with clients. She works collaboratively to create meaningful recovery plans; with a tailor-made approach that resonates with the client, their lifestyle, their family, and their specific goals. This approach empowers the client to not only make a positive change in their life but sustain it as well.

Joanna is a lifelong activist who grew up in Columbus, Ohio surrounded by a family who believed in civic engagement and taking an active role in service to the larger community. She has been involved in many grass-roots community organizations and national political campaigns. She currently serves on the Board Of Directors of KFS School in San Francisco which takes a progressive and holistic approach to education for twice-exceptional students who have struggled in traditional school settings.

She lives in Oakland, California but loves getting out of town and exploring any city, state, or country she’s never been to before. She has travel aspirations of visiting all 50 states, all seven continents, and scuba diving each of the Seven Seas, except the Arctic.


Michelle Shaeffer

Michelle has her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology, as well as a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, CA. Michelle has been working in the addiction and mental Health industry the past eight years as a Sober Life Coach and Holistic Wellness Coach. Michelle worked at the prestigious dual-diagnosis residential treatment center, Cliffside Malibu, as a Residential Advocate and later transitioned to a Case Manager role during her tenure.

Michelle’s desire to give back and to be of service is what she loves most about her current role as a coach. Michelle’s approach is helping each client to identify their root cause of addiction and mental health issues, and accessing holistic ways to overcome the trauma and addiction. She accomplishes this through compassion and active listening. She invites clients to practice mindfulness, meditation, and healthy nutrition to live healthier lives. Michelle helps her clients go from surviving to thriving, helping countless individuals find their way back to wellness. Michelle takes a mind, body and soul approach even for the smallest life skills tasks, which empowers her clients to live a functional life again and find their purpose along the way.

Michelle resides in Santa Monica, CA. She is an avid hiker, and is known to take her clients hiking with her. Michelle recharges herself by embodying a daily yoga practice and volunteers at nearby homeless and animal shelters.

Michelle’s desire to be of service to help others thrive in their lives again, is her most important passion.

Michelle was a contributor on The Huffington Post platform where she wrote about wellness and holistic living. Today she blogs and shares her guidance on her social media platforms and you can find her on Instagram @MichelleRenee_MA.


Mollie Davis

Mollie Davis graduated from San Francisco State University with her Bachelor’s degree in social work and has worked in social services for the past 4 years. She started working in addiction treatment in 2018 and felt a strong calling toward helping other addicts find their own path toward healing. Mollie has been sober since 2014 and although her own path has been one of complete abstinence, she believes there is no one size fits all road to recovery. Mollie has worked with many other populations as well, such as seniors, pregnant women, adolescents, and unhoused folks—always taking a special interest in clients struggling with substance abuse.

Mollie is from the Bay Area and lives with her husband, son, and dog in Pacifica, spending many foggy days walking alongside the ocean. She enjoys reading, traveling, going to concerts, hiking, and trying new restaurants.

We are excited to welcome them to the team! The term “case management” is used a lot in this industry and has a lot of interpretations, but watch this video here to see how we do it. Find out how we can help you or your clients become your most authentic self. What is holding you back?

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