Each person that comes to us has unique situations, goals and considerations when seeking recovery support. Our role is to come up with solutions. The scope of services are described below, but for the most applicable approach to your specific situation, please contact us directly for a consultation.


We work with all members of the family to help facilitate the best possible solution. We understand the decision for an intervention is an extremely personal one, which is why we work with hand-selected interventionists across the country to best match the needs of the identified client and the family.

Intervention is often the first step in a long journey towards progress. This first step is where healing begins for both the individual & the family unit.

All interventionists are trained and certified, and many are also licensed clinicians. We work to educate the entire family and work with the client so they feel empowered in their own recovery. Each interventionist has a particular style and process in how they do their intervention.

Recovery Consultants carefully listens to each family and person being intervened upon to match the interventionist and needs. Some of the factors that play into the selection process may include: interventionist experience, style, geographical location, availability, and a family’s budget.

Treatment Placement

Our familiarity and close working relationship with many of the top treatment programs affords us a unique & unbiased perspective, so that we are able to select the most appropriate destination and resources for every client.

Our team continues to foster and develop new relationships with treatment programs and professionals across the country. We continually make in-person visits to programs to assess quality of care before we refer.

Recovery Consultants works with each individual and family to find the best possible treatment resources. This begins with an in-depth assessment to accurately understand the needs of the individual. The assessment looks at bio/psycho/social factors specifically for treatment placement, as well as taking into consideration geographical and financial restraints. Most important in the treatment placement process, we look at what the GOALS are after treatment and come up with options that will setup for the best chance of success.

Recovery Companions

Companions play a crucial role in helping each client integrate the recovery tools they have acquired into their everyday life. Whether the issues are chemical dependency, mental or behavioral health, the goal is to work with the client and family to create a healthy recovery routine that is sustainable after the companion services conclude.

Recovery Consultants goes through a rigorous selection and training process to ensure we have the best Recovery Companions working with our clients. With over 40 qualified recovery companions in our direct network, we have the ability to best match the client’s needs to a specific companion. Companions are carefully selected based on their professional & life experiences to complement each client for the most successful engagement.

The Recovery Companions we work with have a vast breath of both life and professional experience. There is a mix of experience in: personal recovery, mental or behavioral health, nursing, recovery industry, licensed clinicians, and/or counselors.

Transportation Services

We provide safe and secure transportation to and from any treatment program. Our goal is to minimize the anxiety and fear for the individual, as well as the family, by ensuring a safe and efficient transition. Our team of professionals will arrange all travel logistics and provide a welcome alternative to the family during an undoubtedly stressful time.

Recovery Consultants works with individuals 12+ for transportation services. Our transport agents do not use physical restraints, nor will they physically restrain any client. Our transport agents set firm boundaries and use motivational interviewing and deescalation strategies for getting the individual to the pre-determined location.

Case Management

We work in a collaborative process of continual assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet each client’s needs through communication and available resources.

This invaluable resource is often overlooked in recovery treatment. Our model of case management helps to alleviate stress and anxiety for both the individual and their family because of the structure and reliably-delivered expectations. With one person managing the Case Management, the individual’s success is not additive, but synergistic.

Each individual client encounters unique challenges during the initial treatment process and at every interval along the way. The experience can prove to be incredibly stressful for the entire family unit. It is beneficial to the client if our professionals are empowered to follow the course of treatment and work alongside the treatment team. This allows for the optimal continuing care plan, as well as ensure the client is in the best position to be successful.

Parental Alienation

We work to locate therapeutic, clinical, and legal resources to best facilitate reunification. By working with thought leaders in the field of parental alienation, we understand the unique dynamics. These dynamics drive the process for therapeutic treatment placement and transportation services.

Families that have experienced parental alienation during high-conflict divorces or contentious custody battles, are no strangers to the pain endured when your child(ren) believe a false narrative about you.

Recovery Consultants has specific treatment placement & transport experience working with families that have a child/children that have been severely alienated from one parent. We believe that REUNIFICATION IS POSSIBLE. We have had the privilege and honor of seeing some of the most severely alienated children reunite with their rejected parent. With so many potential hurdles to get through to get to reunification, we help navigate each parent through the process, step-by-step, to ensure we are implementing a plan that has the best chance for reunification success.

There are currently no child or adolescent residential treatment program that specifically addresses parental alienation. Recovery Consultants has pioneered the way for adolescent parental alienation treatment. We work with the existing network of adolescent treatment programs to customize a treatment plan for parental alienation.