Our Philosophy

Recovery is possible.

This is the core belief on which we operate when working with individuals and families. We work collaboratively to close the gaps in care that exists in traditional recovery treatment. We believe the path to recovery comes in all different forms and the right one is the one that is sustainable for the individual.

A Life of Recovery

While there are still many people actively struggling with mental and substance use disorders, the fact remains that there are over 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery. These individuals are living productive, successful, and joyous lives inspiring hope for those still struggling. Each individual’s path to recovery is unique, and it is our belief that there is no “right way” to get there. We share our knowledge, experience, and trusted resources with our clients to help them forge their own path to recovery.

We apply these successful strategies into the overall treatment plan. Our course of action is what is most effective & appropriate for each individual. We embrace all paths to recovery and look at the path to recovery as circular, rather than linear. We don’t ascribe to any particular doctrine or way of thinking and truly meet the individual where they are.

We believe there is a distinction between sobriety and recovery. Recovery is more than just abstaining from drugs & alcohol or medication management. We believe it’s about creating a life worth living–filled with laughter, joy, balance, and peace. It’s looking at the whole person and how they are functioning day to day as a part of society, that is a true measure of recovery.

We wish you well embarking on this journey of self-discovery and hope that we can help support you and your loved ones towards a life of health and wellbeing.