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When a family is in crisis, the process of finding help, can seem incredibly overwhelming.  Trying to find  appropriate facilities and/or professionals during this traumatic time can seem unbearable.  Our professionals understand this, and hold the family’s hand each step of the way.

The relapse rate in treating addiction is incredibly high.  However, we don’t believe it has to be the case.  Where most programs end, our services continue.  The average client enters treatment for 30, 60, or even 90 days.  Recovery Consultants works with the family to design a program that aids the client beyond the walls of residential treatment.

Recovery Consultants was formed in order to aid the client and their family find appropriate resources to treat addiction and behavioral health disorders.  However, once the client has done the work and completed treatment, we are there to help ensure that recovery is a lasting and permanent choice.  We offer solutions that are designed to be a little different, a little more personal and tailored to the distinct dynamics of each client and family.  Our professionals work with each client so they never feel alone.  At the same time, we work the family to ensure that they have access to the help they need to heal as well.

While each case is unique, we personally guarantee that we will find and tailor a solution to meet the needs of each client and their family.  Most cases typically begin with an intervention and/or treatment placement.  Whether the family’s needs extend beyond treatment and require transportation, case management or even sober companion services, our professionals realize that this is a long-term process and remain focused on the solution.

We appreciate your interest in our services.

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